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Class Descriptions and a "Typical Day"

Class Descriptions


Students select a major in either Orchestra, Band, Theater/Choral and perform a wide variety of band, orchestra, choral and Broadway repertoire. There are junior and senior Band and Orchestras and junior and senior Choirs, in which students are placed according to age and ability.

Theater majors are to plan to come to pre-camp July 15-16 for role auditions (at director’s house) There is a camp concert on Sunday, July 24th at 10:30am for all performing groups and a theater performance on Friday evening, July 22—time TBA. Both performances will take place at the Park-McCullough House.

Chamber Music

Musicians are grouped according to ability in small groups of two, three and four and prepare chamber repertoire to be performed. This is a wonderful and relaxed atmosphere, in which musicians learn performing and stage-presence techniques. Rewarding and fun!

Secondary Instrument

Many of our musicians play more than one instrument. If they so wish, students may take a class focusing on their secondary instrument or choral choice.


Musicians may choose from: Jazz Band, Chorus, Handbells, Music Enrichment, Advanced String Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble.


Campers bring their own lunch. Snacks and drinks may be purchased at the camp store

Typical Day

9:00–10:00  —  Symphony Orchestra / Jr. Choral / Chamber Singers / Jr. String Ensemble / Band

10:00–10:40  —  Wind Ensemble / String Orchestras / Band / Jr. Choral

10:45–11:30   —  Electives

11:30–12:15  —  All Camp Chorus


12:45-3:30 — Theater ;  OR — >> 

1:15–3:15 — Instrumentalists / Chamber Music / Daily Recitals

            ------------------------------------------------           Students have a choice of 2 programs

GMMC Instrumental/Choral

July 18-July 24   9am–3:30pm:

 9:00–12:00 Instrumental/Choral

12:45–3:30 Chamber

 <<< — OR  —>>> 

GMMC Instrument/Choral w/Theater

July 18–July 24 9am–3:30pm (plus pre-camp July 15-16) 9am-12 $10 fee added for scripts)

9:00–12:00 Instrumental/Choral

12:45–3:30 Theater

            ------------------------------------------------            Theater Performance Fri., July 22. Time TBA  Final Music performance July 24 at 10:30 am